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I got my first professional camera in 2009 when I was 14 years old. Since then, I have tried all genres in photography, and only in the nude genre, I found my calling.

I believe that only through the nude it is possible to show who we are - and we are, first of all, children of nature.

I take pictures of people without any makeup, clothes, and manicure, I do not retouch people in my pictures, because only without all the tinsel you can show how beautiful a person is. Just a person and a camera, and nothing else.

With my photographs, I help people to love themselves the way nature itself created us, because how could it have created something that is not beautiful?



2022, May 27-29| ImageNation Paris- Paris, France


2022, April 26- August 28| NFT Liverpool- Liverpool, United Kingdom


2022, June 24-30| Holy Art Gallery-London, United Kingdom


2022, June 20| NFTSEA NYC- New York, USA


2022, June 22| NFT.NYC, Times Square sponsored by Sloika- New York, USA


2022, July | Cryptinish Curated collection in The Crypt Gallery - New York, USA


2022, July 28- August 3 | M.A.D.S. ART Gallery, Orizzonti Trasversali- Milan, Italy


2022, September 23-29 | ImageNation Milan- Milan, Italy


2022, September 5-11 | Art Innovation Gallery, NEW YORK ART WEEK, Billboard Times Square, During The Armory Show- New York, USA


2022, October 7-9 | Photography NFT exhibition in MFA gallery - Rome, Italy

2022, December 1-3 | Art Innovation Gallery, Miami Art week, During Art BaselMiami, USA


2022, December 28 - January 3 | M.A.D.S. ART Gallery, BRAIN CAKEBarcelona, Spain


2023,  May 09-13 | Crypto Art Exhibition- Paris, France


2023,  April 12-14 | NFT NYC Exhibition on Times Square & Hudson Yards- New York, USA


2023,  June 7-9 |Non Fungible Conference- Lisbon, Portugal


2023,  October 10-14 | Rome Vibe Gallery- Rome, Italy


2023,  December-January | Barcelona's Climate Awards exhibition at Metropolitan hub "Rambla Catalunya"- Barcelona, Spain


2024,  June | NFT Bali- Bali, Indonesia


2024,  July 2-14 | 1000+ screens all over Belgium


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